Millennials Prefer to Be Told They're Fired Via Text or Instant Message
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Millennials Prefer to Be Told They’re Fired Via Text or Instant Message

Millennials Prefer to Be Told They're Fired Via Text or Instant Message

As a millennial myself, I certainly understand the impulse to not be in the same room as someone who delivers to you devastating news, but I must admit that even I think being fired should be in person. Maybe that is just me but a new survey of 1154 working adults from software company Cyberlink shows that one in thirteen workers would prefer to be fired via text or instant message as opposed to in person.

According to the survey, 37% of millennial working Americans say they would prefer to ask a quick work-related question over text or instant message. Additionally, 16% of millennial workers would like to present an idea to their boss via email, compared to just three% via phone, and 15% would rather give critical feedback via text or instant message.

The remainder of millennials would rather present information to their superiors in more traditional mediums. This comes with its own pitfalls, as the study additionally listed that common “Communication Pain Point” is that it is far too easy to misinterpret the tone of emails, texts, and IMs.

I for one certainly have had issues with this in the past. The next biggest issue for remote workers, who mainly communicate through technology, was the difficulty in fostering strong relationships with their boss. Something that appears to only be a growing issue as time goes by, and as more and more jobs are created online.

Luke Moats
Luke Moats
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