Memo Finds Uber’s Chief Legal Officer and General Counsel Salle Yoo Leaving Company
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Memo Finds Uber’s Chief Legal Officer and General Counsel Salle Yoo Leaving Company

Memo Finds Uber’s Chief Legal Officer and General Counsel Salle Yoo Leaving Company

According to a memo received by Uber’s legal team, Uber’s chief Legal officer and General Counsel Salle Yoo is resigning, in yet another piece of news from Uber’s senior executive change bandwagon. Reportedly, Salle will continue working with the company until a suitable replacement is found by new CEO Dara Khosrowshahi, who joined Uber two weeks ago.

Salle Yoo has been associated with Uber since 2012, joining the organization as its first General Counsel before her promotion Chief Legal officer earlier this year.

With all the changes happening with the senior executive team at Uber this year, it’s hardly a surprise to hear about this resignation. In a memo sent by Yoo to staff, she began considering “a future beyond Uber” last spring. “I’ve spent over five years at this company, and while it’s been the most exhilarating experience of my life, it’s also incredibly hard work,” she said.

Currently, Uber’s legal team has its hands full with a class action lawsuit and federal probes into potential foreign bribes. They are also under investigation by the U.S. Department of justice (DOJ) for the alleged use of a software called Greyball, which supposedly obscures Uber drivers from law enforcement officials, and a program Hell, which let Uber scour a competitor’s applications for information on the rival’s drivers. Alphabet Inc.’s self-driving car company Waymo is also suing Uber for stealing trade secrets, sexual harassment allegations, and many more offenses.

Dara Khosrowshahi laid out an initial set of plans during a staff meeting on Tuesday to get the company back on course. He said his top priority is to hire a Chief Financial Officer who can help the company balance spending with continued growth, but he’ll certainly be challenged with the growing number of accusations pointed at Uber from all directions. This resignation just adds to the many troubles that Uber is facing, and considering the kind of legal pit the company is in, Salle Yoo’s position is a particularly vital one to fill.

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