Leap.Ai Can Guarantee a Job Interview for Those in Tech
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Leap.Ai Can Guarantee a Job Interview for Those in Tech

Leap.Ai Can Guarantee a Job Interview for Those in Tech

It is becoming increasingly clearer that AI will be the way of the future. With many industries being hit by the AI storm and undergoing major transformations, two former googlers think recruitment will also do much better with AI.

Leap.ai founders Richard Liu (CEO) and Yunkai Zhou (CTO) believe there is a more efficient way to map an individual’s skills and experiences while matching them to the demands and culture of would-be employers.

“I probably hired 500 people into my division,” Liu, who spent eight years with Google, rising to become head of engineering for Project Fi, told TechCrunch in an interview. “We learned that hiring is hard.”

“Your ability to learn, collaborate or take initiative are strong characteristics, but it is hard to get a feel for them from an interview. Curiosity and drive, in an interview process you can’t do too much to gauge that,” he added.

“LinkedIn solved the first problem, what you have done, perfectly but how good each person is and how they fit into organization is a lot harder and a lot more valuable,” he said.

Leap.Ai, which was founded about one and a half year ago, currently has 10 staff members, maps out a range of data, including obvious areas like employment history, qualifications, skills, personal interests, and career motivation among other things, to assemble a more complete picture of a candidate’s career aspirations. Part of that process includes mapping out the candidate’s “dream employer”and ideal role.

With this information collected, compiled and analyzed, the system matches job seekers with its clientele of companies looking to hire. The app currently has many big box tech firms including Dropbox and Uber, which use the platform for hiring. By asking candidates to name the two companies they aspire to work for, Leap.Ai believes it can guarantee an interview with at least one, particularly when they are startups and not huge corporations like Google.

As part of the proof of this concept as well as test marketing, Leap.Ai itself hired its employees through the platform.

Source: TechCrunch
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