Keysight Technologies Announces New Hires and Mike Gasparian’s Retirement
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Keysight Technologies Announces New Hires and Mike Gasparian’s Retirement

Keysight Technologies Announces New Hires and Mike Gasparian’s Retirement

Keysight Technologies is a leading technology company that “helps its engineering, enterprise and service provider customers optimize networks and bring electronic products to market faster and at a lower cost.”

The company officially announced recently that Satish Dhanasekaran will succeed Mike Gasparian as president of the Communications Solutions Group. In addition to Dhanasekaran’s role as president, Keysight Technologies has also added Marie Hattar to its executive team as Chief Marketing Officer.

Gasparian stepped down from his position after deciding to retire earlier this year. He has agreed to remain as an advisor to Dhanasekaran for the rest of the year to help ease the transition.

Dhanasekaran previously held the role of vice president and general manager of wireless devices and operators solution unit at Communications Solutions Group and his promotion comes as no surprise as he holds an impressive 21-year leadership experience. Marie Hattar held the position of VP at Cisco, CMO at Ixia and Check Point Software Technologies, and other senior marketing positions at various other companies during her 20 years in marketing leadership.

Keysight President and Chief Executive Officer Ron Nersesian said the following about the two new additions:

“Satish Dhanasekaran has driven many strategic collaborations with our top market-making customers around the globe, which enabled them to gain time-to-market advantages. Satish is an extremely customer focused, high energy and results-oriented leader… I also thank Mike Gasparian for the decades of results he has delivered for Keysight, Agilent and Hewlett-Packard. Most recently, in addition to leading Keysight’s Communications Solutions Group, Mike has led the company’s marketing function, including naming and launching Keysight as an independent public company. I wish Mike the very best in his future… Ixia’s fresh, innovative approach to marketing is exactly the direction we want to take Keysight. Marie Hattar led the transformation of marketing at Ixia, and we are delighted that she has agreed to be Keysight’s first CMO.”

Dhanasekaran and Hattar’s new roles will help shape Keysight Technologies future plans, and if they continue to contribute the way they have in the past, the company will be pleased with the results.

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