An Increasing Number of Bosses Want Employees Back in the Office
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An Increasing Number of Bosses Want Employees Back in the Office

An Increasing Number of Bosses Want Employees Back in the Office

In 2013, Best Buy cancelled its remote working policies and the company was criticized for the decision. However, after four years, an increasing number of companies are adopting a similar policy.

The Wall Street Journal reported on “the shifting views of remote work at big employers, noting that companies like International Business Machines Corp., Bank of America Corp. and Honeywell Inc. also have moved to scale back policies that kept many workers out of the office much or almost all of the time.”

The advantages of having remote workers are well known. It expands the pool of job candidates and lowers a company’s overhead since there’s no need for a big office.

However, the new mindset, as stated by Andrea Goulet is, “If you neglect the entire human side of communication, then you don’t feel that connection.”

Most employers still have some sort of telecommunications policy in place, but the share of U.S. workers who did all or some of their work at home last year dropped to 22 percent from 24 percent last year. The goal isn’t more productivity but more collaboration with co-workers and managers.

Goulet’s Richmond, Virginia-based company has 12 full-time remote staffers in Virginia, Michigan, North Carolina and South Carolina. Without colleagues nearby there’s less of an ability to just bounce an idea off a co-worker and brainstorm. That can hurt communication and affect people’s creativity in the long-term.

However, if you are a small company with limited funds, here is an infographic on how you can solve these basic problems associated with remote workers:

Source: Hubstaff

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