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‘Illegal’ Firing of HR Director Ignites Lawsuit

'Illegal' Firing of HR Director Ignites Lawsuit

An HR Director is fighting for his reputation and his job amidst claims of an illegal firing after two years on the job.

Darshan Singh was the first executive of colour in the Canadian Senate’s history, acting as the institutions HR Director from October 2013. However, according to Singh’s lawyer Paul Champ, Singh received a sudden and unexpected letter of termination, citing that he was being let go without due cause.

The Huffington Post reports that senators were told that Singh was fired for insubordination, however, they were informed not to speak about the issue publicly.

Champ explained the situation, saying: “He’s been enjoying a career on an upward trajectory in the public service,” Champ said. “He’s highly skilled, educated and [a] bilingual, visible minority and he’s received only excellent performance appraisals.

“He has to provide for his family like anyone else and obviously it doesn’t look good for your career prospects when you’re terminated by your previous employer.”


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SOURCE: HR Grapevine


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