Why HR Compliance Training Is Important for Employees

By Techfunnel Author - Published on May 24, 2021
Article explain why HR compliance training is much for employees

HR compliance training is a great practice that protects your company and enables the smooth running of operations. If you are seeking to improve employee compliance, your organization must provide compliance training to employees to help them fully understand laws and policies.

In this article, we will be explaining how you can create a highly effective compliance training program in your company. Read on to see how this program can secure economic benefits for your organization!

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Here Are a Few Reasons Why HR Compliance Training is so Important:

The following are some reasons why HR compliance training is an indispensable subject matter:

  • Federal and state laws
  • Company SOPs and policies
  • Code of conduct
  • Data privacy and security
  • Fraud detection and prevention (anti-money laundering, anti-bribery, etc.)
  • Business ethics (gift policy, conflicts of interest,
  • Discrimination
  • Sexual harassment
  • OSHA regulations and workplace safety
  • Workplace violence
  • Risk management
  • Workplace substance abuse
  • Workplace violence
  • Diversity and inclusiveness in the workplace

How to Create an Effective HR Compliance Training Program

When the content is delivered in a way that only gives the workforce a rundown of laws and policies without actually engaging them, employees may skip over it or just tune it out. This training method may leave employees oblivious to crucial compliance issues.

Good compliance training teaches the employees the essence of compliance and explains how compliance issues relate to them. Below, we have highlighted 5 effective tips that will help you to conduct an effective HR compliance training program:

  1. Personalize it

    A large aspect of the HR compliance training can be considered as preventative, and employees may view some topics as simply theoretical.

    This can make a number of employees begin to see compliance training and ethics as less relevant than other training. For example, they make use of computer systems on a daily basis, however, they may never have had any issues like conflict of interest or harassment.

    Hence, it is imperative for HR compliance training to utilize real-world examples and scenarios. It should address the major problems the organization faces and convey the essence of compliance.

    A great way to achieve this is to customize the training content to suit the needs of your company. Employees may see pre-purchased training content or videos as boring because it does not appear to relate to them. But when you create your own content or add a couple of personalized aspects to your pre-packaged content, it will assist in showing to your employees why such issues are important for your company.

  2. Make it engaging

    Within a short timeframe, most employees would have forgotten the information that they saw during a PowerPoint presentation. However, the odds are higher than they would recall information when it is relayed with a spice of creativity. The following are some creative techniques you can use to make your HR compliance training interesting:

    • Tell a story
    • Use visual aids and charts
    • Crack some jokes
    • Ensure that your visuals are not just simply lecture tapes, especially if your organization is holding online compliance training.

    All of this will assist employees to interact with the content very well and understand the manner in which it relates to them. It is possible that they will relate to a joke (and grasp the concept behind it), or remember a character in a movie, or understand the essence of compliance via the aid of a graph.

  3. Make it easy to understandable

    Employees must understand the rules in order to be able to follow them. Ensure your compliance training content can easily be comprehended. Avoid overloading your employees with so much information. Try not to include jargon or technical data that may be confusing to employees.

    In addition, try to adopt various learning styles so that your employees can digest the information very easily. This may involve resorting to a plethora of video, audio, and written documents, in addition to other visuals.

  4. Ensure it is accessible

    It can be quite tedious to coordinate schedules to gather everyone in a classroom. Employees may report sick and miss the compliance training. Getting all of them into a classroom can cost you precious work hours. In fact, you may have to pay someone overtime to cover shifts while you handle the training.

    Hosting online compliance training can be a reliable solution to these issues. A compliance training online allows employees to observe training at their own pace and on their own time. Rather than meeting in a classroom, employees can just sign into the protected training software platform from their computers, tablets, or any device.

    Using training management software makes it easier to monitor training, deliver automatic reminders to employees who are yet to complete training, and manage detailed training logs.

  5. Make it an ongoing program

    Your HR compliance training program should not be a one-time event. Rules and policies change, and it is important that employees are notified of these changes. Even when policies remain the same, employees must be reminded of regulations, best practices, and procedures. Employees can easily forget standard procedures or exhibit bad habits.

    There should be no tangible expectation of employee retention when employees only hear about compliance problems when they are first recruited. They should be given constant training and guidance throughout their career to continually be informed of compliance issues. Hence, compliance training should be integrated as an element of routine retraining. You can choose to hold it annually, twice a year, or even every quarter, depending on your organizational needs.

Final Thoughts

Regular HR compliance training(1) enables your organization to minimize liability risks, operate with effectiveness, and adhere to rules and regulations.

As you make plans to engage your employees via compliance training, be sure to utilize personalized and interesting compliance training content. Also, don’t forget to conduct routine compliance training and make the training sessions easily accessible. We hope this article has been helpful in explaining how you can conduct a highly effective HR compliance training program in your organization.

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