Top 10 Features Every HR Automation Software Must Have

By Techfunnel Author - Published on June 22, 2021
Article is all about Features that should be HR automation software

There has been an advancement of the HR landscape as a result of technological changes. Whether it involves meeting the expectations of millennials who are tech-savvy or satisfying regulatory norms, HR automation software has become so vibrant. However, just as it is with changing business dynamics, HR technology is made up of its own set of opportunities and threats.

One aspect that HR automation tools are causing an instant impact is with HR automation software. For several years, HR has been one huge manual machine; but new technology means fewer files, fewer papers, fewer forms, and fewer people required to perform a task.

Business leaders today understand how effectively HR technology can advance their business. They look for contemporary, flexible, and fast-paced HR management software to keep up with their rising business needs. But not all the solutions available in the market can provide the edge their companies require.

The static paper trails left behind have been taken over by cloud-based HR automation software. By using HR automation tools, businesses can create, connect, streamline, and rapidly provide necessary services at a considerably lower cost.

What is HR Automation Software?

Today the daily roles of HR experts are more extensive and involved than it has been in the past. Managing the data and information of employees is entangled with hiring, recruiting, cultivating, evaluating, and retaining workers. The cost of these processes makes it decisive for HR experts to integrate specialized software to efficiently manage information.

Due to this, businesses are now actively adopting HR management systems, such as HR automation software, into their processes. This system enables HRs and IT to seamlessly integrate through one HR software.

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Top 10 Key Features of HR Automation Software

  1. Recruitment and hiring

    HR Automation Software can automate and optimize a data analysis on peer positions and pitch the right salary structure for every employee. The automated recruitment process makes hiring procedures efficient with easy to prepare templates and follow-up with recruitment. Additionally, an applicant tracking system (ATS) can simultaneously accept or reject applicants based on particular criteria. This increases the turnaround time and also saves expenses on dedicated resources for placement.

  2. Reliable employee portal

    HR Automation Software can organize and store the financial data of the organization. The type of employee data such as their employee records, positions, employment dates, salaries, insurance policies, banking/tax details, and so on, are significant when organizations get to a particular scale. The portal makes it possible for authorized persons to access their records in real-time, so HR will not have to supervise them.

  3. Payroll

    HR payroll software provides various benefits such as calculating employee pay and benefits, managing direct deposits, revising salaries, tracking payroll, generating salary slips, and sending information to employees. It allows a company to integrated employee data with payroll data, thus reducing the risk of calculation errors and makes paydays easier.

  4. Efficient workflow

    Great workflow makes it possible for organizations to automate most of the repetitive tasks that can reduce the efficiency of the HR team. The system allows you to send automated notifications to all participants to keep them updated. By analyzing the data, it reduces the cost of manual paper-pushing. It also reviews the work, engagement, meeting expectations of employees, asking for feedback from team members, and exploring the objectives.

  5. Keeping track of time and leave entitlement

    Applicant Tracking System (ATS) will replace the thick folders in closets, where hundreds of resumes are kept. This tool automates the process of searching for potential candidates to fill vacant roles, allows HR executives to evaluate the effectiveness of different recruiting channels, and decides the things that work best and where to direct extra efforts and resources.

    One unique feature of the HR automation software that other platforms lack is attendance management. Without must stress, this software precisely controls absenteeism and assigns tasks such as leave entitlement, leave encashment, the total number of leaves taken, and the balance left.

  6. Evaluating performance

    As the size of your team grows, HR executives will not have enough time to manually track the performance of every employee. Regular feedback and performance reviews require a considerable amount of data maintenance. Failure to detect and resolve low performance can result in various complications.

    By using HR automation software, you’ll be able to collect, store, and display up-to-date, consistent information about the performance of your employees. You’ll be able to analyze employee performance data to get deeper insights, detect turnover risks, and identify improvement opportunities.

  7. Training employees

    The advancement in technology has motivated employees to upgrade his/her skills. HR automation software helps determine this gap of skills and helps executives to better manage the training requirements of employees and monitor the training and development cost. Professionals predict that AI automation software will become an indispensable tool for improving learning, compliance, assessment, and skill retention.

  8. Administering employee benefits

    The automation system makes it possible for HR executives to elaborate plans, prepare eligibility rules, manage compensations, promotions, and give out payments or deposits to employees.

  9. Retaining top talent

    HR automation software assists executives to develop employee recruitment to retention methods. If a company has a high attrition rate, this software will support the HR expert with vital analytical information to overcome this issue. It also makes it possible to track behavioral patterns of every employee, forecasting possible resignations.

  10. Data management and analytics

    Data management and analytics help business owners to analyze information in real-time and make better business decisions, such as:

    • Monitoring of employee mood
    • Reports
    • Emails
    • Pictures
    • Messages
    • Electronic files and documents
    • Documents sharing

How Important is HR Automation Software?

Increase productivity:

These systems will open up time for employees to manage their HR roles by reducing expensive errors and giving flexibility to the HR staff to focus on other areas to boost their business.

  • Empowering employees:

    As your business expands, it’ll become challenging to manually manage the needs of an employee. By using HR automation software, your employees can share expense reports, request leave, provide feedback about the company, and so on.

  • Data security:

    Using recent technology helps you to back up sensitive data to cloud servers, thus preventing data loss. It also reduces the risk of mistakes that are common with manual production, which can sometimes lead to tax conflicts or legal issues.

  • Better workflow:

    HR automation software can help you build a collaborative working environment. This makes it possible for your employees to complete their tasks at any geographic location.

Final Thoughts

Both business owners and employees can benefit from improved productivity and informed decision-making provided by HR automation. This process can reduce HR management costs and provide better productivity. If you’re yet to start using HR automation, it’s not too late to start. HR automation is guaranteed to bring revolutionary changes to your HR management with less energy, time, and money.

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