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How SMEs Can Attract and Retain the Best Millennial Talent

How SMEs Can Attract and Retain the Best Millennial Talent

In less than ten years, millennials will make up three-quarters of the workforce.

However, a recent Vodafone UK study found that less than one in ten SMEs find it “very easy” to attract millennials.

Speaking to Executive Grapevine, Phil Mottram, Enterprise Director at Vodafone UK, gives his three tips on how SMEs can attract and retain the best millennial talent, which can be seen below.

  1. Find millennial talent online

“In order to get noticed by the best millennial candidates, SMEs need to first ensure their job opportunities can be found where this hyper-connected generation are looking: online. According to Vodafone’s ‘Here Come the Millennials’ report, 64% of millennials use an internet search to find a job. Only a third of SMEs have registered with online recruitment agencies, and just 43% of smaller businesses have their own website, so the need for SMEs to boost their online presence and be discoverable through online job searches is clear.

“SMEs would also benefit from using social media channels like Twitter and LinkedIn as part of their recruitment strategy. Nearly a third (31%) of millennials use LinkedIn to find a job, so by creating a LinkedIn page and promoting job opportunities through either free posts or paid-for job advertisements, SMEs can improve their chances of finding  the right candidates.

“It is also important to tap into millennials’ entrepreneurial spirit and desire to keep learning by promoting the development of technical skills in job postings.  By doing this, smaller businesses can ensure they stand out from their larger counterparts.”

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SOURCE: HR Grapevine


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