The Head of Amazon Studios Resigns Amid Sexual Harassment Claims
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The Head of Amazon Studios Resigns Amid Sexual Harassment Claims

The Head of Amazon Studios Resigns Amid Sexual Harassment Claims

Roy Price, the head of Amazon Studios, has resigned. Just five days ago Price was placed on a suspension as a result of an allegation made by Isa Hackett, a producer of the Amazon series “The Man in the High Castle.” Within hours of Hackett’s accusation during an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Price was placed under suspension.

According to Hackett, Price propositioned her during the San Diego Comic-Con in 2015. Price had already been undergoing inquiry due to a statement made by Rose McGowan, which stated that Price was aware of her rape accusations against Harvey Weinstein.

Hackett told Kim Masters from The Hollywood Reporter that at that time she had reported this incident at Amazon. Amazon said that they took this matter seriously; however, no action seemed to be taken against Price.

Currently, the Harvey Weinstein scandal has taken Hollywood by storm, due to a series of allegations made against Weinstein involving sexual harassment, sexual assault and rape. Weinstein, through his spokesperson, has denied being involved in any non-consensual sex.

As a result of Price’s involvement in the Weinstein scandal, Amazon’s Senior Vice President of Business Development Jeff Blackburn sent a memo to the employees.

The statement, seen by the Press Association, read: “The news coming out of Hollywood over the past week has been shocking and disturbing – and unfortunately we are a part of it. It’s sad and very disappointing to me.

“Amazon does not tolerate harassment or abuse of our employees or our business partners.”
This statement was released just days before Hackett’s interview was published.

Price was in charge of Amazon’s original movies and television shows. He is a Harvard alumnus and has been with Amazon at an executive level for the last 13 years. Price launched the business plan for Amazon entertainment division and was an integral part of it.

Price’s resignation was followed by Harvey Weinstein stepping down from his position as the chairman of The Weinstein Company. Meanwhile Albert Cheng, the chief operations officer for Amazon studios, has been designated as the interim replacement for Price.

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