Havas Chicago Promotes Anna (Newburn) Parker to Chief Strategy Officer
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Havas Chicago Promotes Anna (Newburn) Parker to Chief Strategy Officer

Havas Chicago Promotes Anna Newburn Parker to Chief Strategy Officer

The Havas Media Group has taken another step to reinforce their Chicago Office. This time it is by promoting one of their own to a lead position. Anna Parker has being named Chief Strategy Officer for Havas Chicago, a promotion from her former position as Executive Strategy Director and Managing Director of their Annex project.

“Anna has the rare combination of hunger, hustle and humility paired with a distinct and effective take on strategy that gives our clients an unfair advantage in their markets,” said Havas Chicago President and Chief Client Officer Tatia Torrey. “She has been an impactful part of the transformation of Havas Chicago, as one of the most modern agencies in America, and I couldn’t be happier to announce her new role on the executive team in Chicago.”

Parker joined Havas Chicago in 2012, before she was immediately named Strategy Director. She came from another marketing giant, FCB, as DraftFCB Strategic Planner. She is a University of Florida product, where she obtained a Master’s Degree in Advertising.

“Couldn’t be more proud to call Chicago home and Havas family,” wrote Parker, after news of her promotion posted on the LinkedIn profile for Havas Media.

Parker has also been instrumental in developing The Annex, a Havas project to influence cultural landscape in the Chicago area as its Managing Director.
“One of the most important things I’ve learned through my experience at Havas is legitimacy. Everything we produce as an agency—events, thought leadership, experiences—creates a data set we can learn from and leverage. I believe that if you haven’t personally spent time in conversations or experiences with consumers, you can’t bring forward meaningful insights,” said Parker.

Her promotion follows the appointment of Paul Hirsch as new Executive Creative Director for Havas Chicago. In July, Havas Chicago hired Karen Goodman from Under Armour as their new Group Creative Director.

Marco Islas
Marco Islas
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