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Google Is No. 1 Dream Employer for High-Achieving Teenagers

Google Is No. 1 Dream Employer for High-Achieving Teenagers

The National Society of High School Scholars’ (NSHSS) 10th annual career interest survey found that Google is the No. 1 dream employer for high-achieving teenagers in the first generation of digital natives.

The 2017 survey, which was conducted in partnership with Hanover Research, reveals the professional aspirations of some of Generation Z’s most promising students, the oldest of whom are now heading to college.

The next generation’s comfort with computers and eagerness to make an impact was reflected on the list of their preferred employers. Technology company Instagram made the list for the first time, while healthcare providers largely dominated.

On the heels of Google, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital grabbed the No. 2 spot on the list, followed by local hospitals, the Walt Disney Company, the FBI, Apple Inc., and the CIA. While Google was first on the list, survey respondents placed healthcare, science, and business ahead of technology when they were asked which fields they expect to work in. All survey respondents are NSHSS member; most are part of Generation Z, but also include some college students and college graduates. The survey reflected the opinions and desires of a diverse group of young people, of which 77% are female and 46% are African-American, Hispanic, or Asian-American.

Regarding the survey, NSHSS president James W. Lewis, said, “This year’s survey provides an invaluable glimpse into what the workforce’s next generation is seeking in their future careers. As employers prepare to recruit and retain a new cadre of workers, they should be ready to meet the needs of young people who are interested in mission-driven work, innovative technology and work/life balance.”

The top 25 employers of choice were:

  1. Google
  2. St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital
  3. Local hospitals
  4. Walt Disney Company
  5. FBI
  6. Apple Inc.
  7. CIA
  8. 3M
  9. BuzzFeed
  10. Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta
  11. Amazon
  12. Health Care Service Corp.
  13. Mayo Clinic
  14. Microsoft
  15. Nike
  16. U.S. State Department
  17. Universal Studios
  18. Netflix
  19. DreamWorks Animation SKG
  20. CHG Healthcare Services
  21. Instagram
  22. Tesla Motors
  23. The New York Times
  24. Boeing
  25. Atlantic Health Systems

To see the complete list of top companies and to read the 2017 survey, please click here.

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