Google Launches New Job Search Platform That Combines Major Employment Sites

by Walter Cromer - June 20, 2017
Google Launches New Jobs Platform

What do LinkedIn, Monster, WayUp, DirectEmployers, CareerBuilder, and Facebook have in common?

That they’re all places to find a job? Yeah, that.

But, now, job seekers can search for employment opportunities across all of those sites in one place — Google.

Today, the ubiquitous search engine launched a new capability that allows users to type in a term such as “jobs near me” or “web design jobs” and receive results from all of the sites at once. From there, searchers can narrow down the results by Title, Date Posted, Type, City, Company Type, and Employer. The new search app is bound to be a great tool for job-seekers who currently try to broaden their opportunities by maintaining profiles and resumes on multiple job sites. As an added bonus, job listings show employer ratings from sites like Glassdoor and Indeed.

Speaking to TechCrunch, Nick Zakrasek, Google’s product manager for this app compared finding a job to dating. “Each person has a unique set of preferences and it only takes one person to fill this job,” he said.

But how does the search engine do a better job of playing matchmaker than actual job search sites? First, Google designed algorithms that are able to remove duplicate listings. Then, the robots sift through and categorize each individual job.

Employers who provide more data about their job openings online are likely to fare better with Google’s new project than those who don’t. And Google knows it. A spokesperson said, “We hope this will act as an incentive for sites to share all the pertinent details in their listings for job seekers.”

Google, though, is not getting in the middle of employers and potential employees. All search results link back to the employers’ original job listings.

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