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Google Launches Hire, a New App for Talent Hunting

Google Launches Hire, a New App for Talent Hunting

Google is hoping to make it easier for small and medium-sized businesses to find and hire the right talent with its new recruiting service.

Simply called Hire, the app is the tech giant’s latest product offering to address the talent marketplace. It integrates with other G Suite apps like Gmail and Google Calendar.

In a blog post announcing its introduction, senior product manager of Google Cloud Berit Johnson wrote that Hire will make it easy for businesses “to identify talent, build strong candidate relationships, and efficiently manage the interview process end-to-end.”

By using Hire and G Suite together, recruiting team members are able to focus on their top priorities instead of wasting time copy-pasting across tools.

With Hire, recruiters can communicate with candidates in Gmail or Hire, and the emails will sync automatically in both platforms. Recruiters can also schedule interviews in Hire with visibility into an interviewer’s schedule from Calendar; as well as track candidate pipeline in Hire, and then analyze and visualize the data in Sheets. In Calendar, Hire automatically includes important details like contact information, the full interview schedule, and what questions each interviewer should focus on.

According to Johnson’s post, the Hire product team conducted “hundreds of user-testing sessions and worked with early adopter customers for more than a year to simplify and optimize every aspect of the user experience.”

Hire is now available for all U.S.-based businesses under 1,000 employees that use G Suite to purchase. Pricing is based on a company’s size, but businesses can expect to pay a fee per user/per month.

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