Google Faces Lawsuit Over Pay and Promotion of Women
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Google Faces Lawsuit Over Pay and Promotion of Women

Google Faces Lawsuit Over Pay and Promotion of Women

Another tech giant falls under the ax of a possible class-action lawsuit. According to recent reports, Google is being sued by three former female employees.

According to the allegations made in the lawsuit, Google discriminated and continues to discriminate against its female employees by paying them lower compensation than male employees with similar skill sets and denying them promotion opportunities. These allegations also illustrate that women at all levels at Google are assigned lower-tier jobs and are paid less than their male counterparts.

“This is not just about three women trying to get money; this is about three courageous women stepping forward to change the company, to help women in the future and to change the valley as a whole,” said the women’s lawyer, James Finberg.

The lawsuit was filed by Kelly Ellis, a former Google software engineer; Holly Pease, a former corporate network manager at Google; and Kelli Wisuri, who formerly worked in Google’s sales enablement department.

“While Google has been an industry-leading tech innovator, its treatment of female employees has not entered the 21st century,” said Kelly Dermody, an attorney for the plaintiffs. “This case seeks to ensure fairness for women at Google.”

According to the lawsuit, despite of being aware of the pay disparity between its female and male employees, Google failed to equalize men’s and women’s pay for substantially similar work, suggesting willful biased behavior.

In its statement to USA Today, Google responded by saying that it would review the lawsuit but disagreed with “the central allegations.”

According to an audit performed by the U.S. Labor Department in 2015, pay disparity based on gender was found at Google. This led to a further investigation by Attorney James Finberg of Altshuler Berzon, who urged 90 former and current female employees to come forward and share their experiences with pay discrimination.

“That’s a strong outpouring of dissatisfaction,” Finberg said. “The stories of the women were consistent with what the labor department found, that women are paid less in every category.”

Google is not the first to be sued for gender bias. Oracle America, Microsoft, and Twitter are all also facing lawsuits due to gender bias.

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