Foxconn Is Bringing 10,000 Jobs to U.S.
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Foxconn Is Bringing 10,000 Jobs to U.S.

Foxconn Is Bringing 10,000 Jobs to U.S.

The manufacturer of Sharp HD televisions and the iPhone assembler is exploring the viability of settling in southeastern Wisconsin, according to a state assembly. The prospect of 10,000 new jobs for the manufacturing industry was previously mentioned by President Trump on June 13 at Waukesha County Technical College.

“Recently, technology company, Foxconn, has indicated its desire to locate in southeastern Wisconsin with up to 10,000 jobs,” stated a memo signed by Republican leaders in the Wisconsin Assembly who are seeking funding for highway renewal programs that affect the zone where the Foxconn plant may land, said USA Today.

While Foxconn says it is still considering other states to stabilize its 10 billion plan for a factory, Wisconsin apparently is in the lead not only by the president’s references, but for a series of local and state wide government actions.

“Just backstage, we were negotiating with a major, major, incredible manufacturer of phones and computers and televisions, and I think they’re going to give the governor a very happy surprise very soon,” said President Trump last June. But other activities in Racine County, Wisconsin, are more indicative of the Foxconn mega plant. First is a $500,000 letter of credit to the area’s economic development organization specifically to cover expenses related to unnamed “economic development projects,” according to Milwaukee Business News.

Also Racine Mayor John Dickert noted that representatives of Foxconn were interested in the area and recently approached his office regarding the capability of the county to provide water and sewer services to a potential “large plant outside the Racine limits.”

The plant will prove a major shift in the manufacturing industry as the first example of what the companies are willing to invest in to ensure they remain competitive in Trump’s America.

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