Former GE Chief Jeff Immelt is closer to becoming Uber’s CEO
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Former GE Chief Jeff Immelt is closer to becoming Uber’s CEO

Former GE Chief Jeff Immelt is closer to becoming Uber’s CEO

Earlier this month, Uber narrowed down the number of candidates for the post of CEO to three — all male and all white. Among the candidates is General Electric’s former chairman Jeff Immelt who is widely considered to be the most likely choice. Several reports as of late show that the likeliness of Immelt becoming CEO have increased significantly.

The ride hailing company has been undergoing a slump over the last few months as it has been entwined in multiple lawsuits, and is losing riders by the day. The company’s work culture has come under the microscope and its own investors are filing a lawsuit against former CEO Travis Kalanick.

Now, as the company looks for a new CEO, a source close to the situation told Recode, “We know it is never going to be a perfect choice, but everyone is becoming exhausted. We need someone with the skills to move us along.”

Some of these skills include dealing with the recruitment of numerous top executives to Uber’s thinning ranks, a worsening morale among employees, a need to diversify and expand its board, a detoxification of its culture, and numerous legal and regulatory messes that have cropped up under Kalanick’s tenure.

The next CEO of Uber will have to drag the company out of a sea of lawsuits, mishaps, malpractices, accusations, and unfortunate events. However, the biggest roadblock the next CEO will face is its predecessor Travis Kalanick. While Kalanick is no longer the CEO, he is still a board member with an influential share of voting rights. Uber’s next leader will not only have to lift the company out of the mess, but will also have to comply with Kalanick and his stubborn nature.

One of Jeff Immelt’s strongest supporters on the Uber board is Ariana Huffington. Immelt is also being seen as the strongest choice by many directors.

“He certainly is not someone anyone can push around easily, which is probably his best characteristic. We all know Immelt’s not the dynamic entrepreneur that Travis is, but he can certainly settle things down,” the source added.

An internal vote with the board and executives at Uber is scheduled to take place in a few weeks, and perhaps we’ll know for sure who the next CEO will be.

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