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Former Apple Engineer and Swift Champion Chris Lattner Joins Google Brain’s AI Project after Brief Tesla Stint

Former Apple Engineer and Swift Champion Chris Lattner Joins Google Brain's AI Project after Brief Tesla Stint

With Artificial Intelligence slowly paving the way of the future, it is only a matter of time before most Silicon Valley giants jump on the bandwagon.

Google recently hired programmer Chris Lattner as part of its Brain Team. The mission of the Brain Team is to make AI “accessible to all.”

Lattner took to Twitter to make an announcement of his own, noting that he would be working at the company from Monday onward.

At Google, Lattner will be responsible for working on a different software language: TensorFlow, Google’s system designed to simplify the programming steps for AI, according to one person with knowledge of the matter. Since Google released the software for free last year, it has become a key part of its strategy to spread and make money from AI.

Last May, Google introduced a specialized chip set catered for the software, called a TPU, which rents through its cloud-computing service.

Google didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment.

Lattner is considered a legend mainly because of his diverse and highly impressive work in the field of programming. Lattner was an Apple employee for long. After leaving Apple in January, Lattner joined Tesla. After six months, Lattner left Tesla too.

“In the end, Elon and I agreed that he and I did not work well together and that I should leave, so I did,” he wrote in an update. At Tesla, Lattner led the company’s troubled Autopilot program. Lattner loved the job and the work, but he and Tesla CEO Elon Musk didn’t get along. This implies that Lattner is joining Google with an armload of qualifications and a fan base that could help the search giant grab even more big talent for its AI efforts.

Google is betting big on AI technology like its Brain Team. Like the rest of the tech industry, Google believes AI and machine learning will drive the tech industry’s future. It sees its highly regarded AI technology as its “ace-in-the-hole for its young-but-growing” cloud computing division. Google hopes AI technology will eventually help it beat Amazon Web Service, one of its biggest rivals in the business.

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