Foreign Tech Workers Trumped
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Foreign Tech Workers Trumped

President Trump’s immigration policies have started to have an effect on tech companies’ hiring practices according to job search site, Hired. The number of interview requests from U.S. companies to foreign tech workers has dropped by sixty percent between the second and fourth quarter of last year. Things took a slight reversal following the election, but with things still down roughly thirty-seven percent in 2017’s second quarter.

And it’s not just American tech companies who have become wary of Trump’s policies. Foreign tech workers accepting interview requests from U.S. companies is also down four percent from last year.

Hired said the decline was “likely the result of uncertainty around immigration policies.” Hired’s Communication Team Head Lindsey Scott wrote, “It’s clear that the U.S. remains an attractive place to work for tech talent from around the world. What’s less clear is whether we’ll be able to welcome them to work among us.” Hired, which has approximately 10,000 participating companies and 1.5 million job seekers, said it looked at a little over 175,000 job interview requests and job offers from the past year.

Scott said the United States is facing a tech talent shortage, particularly “a shortage of more than 1.1 million STEM workers by 2024, an issue that may be further exacerbated by limiting access to foreign technical talent.”

Scott noted that 40% of “Fortune 500 companies were founded by immigrants or their children, so it is unsurprising that many in the U/S/ tech community support open immigration policies. What’s more, our study revealed that U.S. tech workers also think immigration brings innovation and diversity to the industry.”

Hired also noticed a similar impact on tech functions after the United Kingdom voted to move forward with Brexit. The number of British tech corporations making offers to foreign candidates declined by approximately thirty percent.

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