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Emirates’ Vice President of HR & Recruitment, Alison Ward, Says “Don’t Stay In Recruitment Forever”

Emirates' Vice President of HR & Recruitment, Alison Ward, Says "Don't Stay In Recruitment Forever"

No one should stay in recruitment, or in fact one area of a business for their entire career, according to the Vice President of HR & Recruitment at Emirates.

Speaking to HR Grapevine, Alison Ward says: “As a department, we don’t want people to stay in recruitment forever as we encourage rotations into different areas of HR, and even the business, for job enrichment.”

Instead she believes people should move around the organisation, both into recruitment – to see how they attract, source and select colleagues – and out into other areas. Ward uses the example of those that recruit cabin crew members, she says they “are mainly internal colleagues who have moved out of the operational cabin crew role and can identify what is required when selecting like-minded individuals who will also become effective cabin crew team members.”

She goes on to talk about those that have moved out of recruitment: “During the downturn in 2008 we seconded a lot of people out of recruitment to other parts of the business and they benefited from that. Some even stayed in those roles because they realised that there are opportunities to enrich their skillset.

“So now we encourage people in our team to go on secondments. We are electively, as a management team, trying to work on internal mobility. Whether that’s someone moving from an outstation to Dubai or vice versa or even within HR departments – cross-fertilisation.

“For example, I’ve got a team member on secondment for 12 months at the moment helping dnata Travel who are going through restructures.”

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SOURCE: HR Grapevine


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