How to Effectively Work with Generation Z

By Mohammad Ali Sultani - Last Updated on March 16, 2018
How to Effectively Work with Generation Z

Generation Z employees have a lot to offer if they had the help.

Generation Z employees bring a young and enthusiastic perspective to the workplace, but they cannot thrive without the guidance of current workplace executives.

With today’s growing economy and increasingly diverse companies, the presence of Generation Z employees in the workplace is becoming more common. Generation Z are people born after 1995. They are currently populating the workplace at a rapid rate, and the transition from an older workplace to this new generation may be challenging for some to handle.

How to Prepare for Generation Z in The Workplace

Generation Z’s characteristics are unique, and it may be difficult to determine how to effectively work with them. Luckily, there are some simple tips that will help your workplace become more successful.

First, it’s important to allow Gen Z workers to learn their role in the organization, and also for them to know they are cared for by older colleagues. Because of the progressive social skills of Gen Z, there needs to be more attention given to their working habits and well-being.

Second, for these workers to succeed and achieve monthly goals, it is important for them to incorporate their own independent thinking and innovation into the tasks they are assigned. If they are instructed to do a specific task a certain way, there won’t be any room for them to utilize all of their capabilities.

Finally, it is crucial to give feedback to employees. This isn’t necessarily about promoting micromanagement, but it promotes a workplace that balances the workload and allows them to communicate with one another.

How to Manage Gen Z Employees

Managing Gen Z employees may seem like a challenging task as many Gen Z workers are characteristically independent and global-minded. In reality, it is nearly the same way regular employees have been looked at in the workplace for the past decade. The increase in technology means the Gen Z population has become more dependent on smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices to do their work and live their lives. The solution is to eliminate or reduce distractions in the workplace. Obviously, we won’t be able to stop an employee from dozing off or taking water breaks, but you may be able to introduce certain measures that will reward those who regularly pay attention and stay productive. To ensure a Gen Z employee’s success, it is important to consistently initiate face-to-face meetings to review performance. These meetings are a way to genuinely engage the worker, and to create a community environment within the workplace.

Generation Z employees will soon make up most of the current workforce, but with the impactful leadership of those who are currently in power, the future seems nothing but bright.

Mohammad Ali Sultani

Mohammad Ali Sultani | Mohammad Sultani is currently an undergraduate at the University of San Diego pursuing a degree in Political Science and English. As an experienced writer for various technology, law, and political news outlets, he has shown great potential in his writings and hopes to continue developing his skills. With the goal of becoming an established lawyer and writer, Mohammad is determined to help those in need on both ends of the spectrum.

Mohammad Ali Sultani

Mohammad Ali Sultani | Mohammad Sultani is currently an undergraduate at the University of San Diego pursuing a degree in Political Science and English. As an experienced...

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