Digital Media Startup Fatherly Has a New SVP of Sales
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Digital Media Startup Fatherly Has a New SVP of Sales

Digital Media Startup Fatherly Has a New SVP of Sales

Fatherly recently hired a proven leader in the industry to serve as its new Senior Vice President of Sales. Josh Abrams joins the media brand targeting dads from Turner owned Bleacher Report, where Abrams served as Vice President of Sales for the last seven years.

The hire is long expected as Fatherly CEO and Co-founder Mike Rothman recently told Variety: “I’d been courting [Abrams] pretty much since the inception of Fatherly… at this point it was the right time to bring him on.”

Under Abrams’ tenure as SVP of Sales at Fatherly, he will seek to boost production and rentability of its own in-house branding studio and explore monetization strategies for its partnership with iHeartMedia and its growing podcast network.

“Josh has proven himself as a successful leader three times over in growing digital media businesses. This is a space that changes on a weekly basis and Josh is deeply attuned to how the landscape is evolving and what works for marketers now and what will work tomorrow,” Rothman told Talking New Media (TNM).

Abrams, a Penn State graduate with a B.A., in Telecommunications, is accompanied at Fatherly by another new hire: Chris Boylan as VP of Technology. Boylan served as the Director of Engineering at Wenner Media, where he oversaw US Weekly, Rolling Stone, Men’s Journal, and Glixel.

Aimed at building an audience among men from 30-54 years, Fatherly has raised $6 million from its founding in 2014 from both VC and nonprofits such as The Knight Foundation. BDMI, UTA, WPP Ventures, SoftTech VC, and Crosslink are also among its investors. Fatherly is focused on accompanying its audience in the transition from “the dude to the fatherhood,” offering advice on parenting, health, and lifestyle.

“Dads are an incredibly influential audience segment that have been ignored by publishers for far too long,” Abrams said to TNM. “Fatherly hits on this white space and can offer brands a more meaningful way to break through the clutter and engage the fast-growing demo of Millennial Parents. I’m excited to play a key role in the growth of this dynamic media company that can deliver this audience to partners and most importantly, will make dad’s lives easier.”

Marco Islas
Marco Islas
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