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CodeFights Launches New Version of ‘Interview Practice’ to Help Developers Prepare for Job Interviews

CodeFights Launches New Version of 'Interview Practice' to Help Developers Prepare for Job Interviews

Many talented developers have lost out on landing their dream jobs over tough technical interview questions. If you are one such unlucky developer, CodeFights is offering a secret weapon that will empower you to ace even the hardest technical interviews.

The San Francisco based technology startup has launched a new version of Interview Practice, a feature that allows developers to prepare for job interviews by practicing interactive coding with technical questions that are asked by top tech companies.

Codefights wanted to create an experience for developers that is comparable to having a personal coach for the interview preparation process. “We help users understand the overall landscape, including what topics they need to prepare for to do well at technical interviews, and provide a training plan that they can follow to achieve the best results possible,” said Tigran Sloyan, the founder and CEO of CodeFights.

While most companies rely on technical questions to determine if a candidate understands the fundamentals of computer science, those developers who fail at this stage in the interview process, shouldn’t necessarily be written off. Most times, developers don’t make it past the technical interview stage because they don’t know how to prepare for it. Codefights’ Interview Practice helps developers prepare by giving them a framework and timeline to work with, complete with real interview questions from real companies and essential topic overviews, such as coding patterns, algorithms, and data structures. With such information, both junior developers and experienced developers can easily know what to study and how much to study.

With Interview Practice, developers can choose from three pre-set study plans, solve real interview questions, and keep track of their progress.

To learn more, click here.

In other news, CodeFights is also hiring! Think you have what they’re looking for?

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