Code2040 to Fight for Tech Diversity with Large Financial Flow
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Code2040 to Fight for Tech Diversity with Large Financial Flow

Code2040 to Fight for Tech Diversity with Large Financial Flow


Amid a heated backlash about pro-diversity politics in Silicon Valley, Code2040, the leading nonprofit advocating for more inclusion in the tech industry, is receiving a much-needed financial boost of $5.6 million, with $3 million coming from the Knight Foundation.

The cash arrives in time to help the organization to open its expansion in New York, where they will be working with companies like Goldman Sachs, Spotify, and The New York Times.

Laura Weidman Powers said recently that the push for diversity in tech today is in more need of an external motivation now than ever. Because of the polarizing political scenarios, the cause maybe has lost grip on the people’s interest. “It was one thing when President Obama was in an office and he used to talk about diversity in tech and he paid attention to how tech and Silicon Valley were thinking about these issues. Now that external pressure is lost. For folks who are motivated by their own sense of conviction, that doesn’t matter necessarily. But for folks looking at the way the wind is blowing, there is less inclination to prioritize this work,” told to USA Today last week.

Among the programs that this new round of funds will help to bring to life are the establishment of a curricula for the companies that will help them to diversify their workplace and infuse diversity into their work culture. Other goals now on the horizon for Code2040 is to grow its community to 40,000 people by 2020, with up to 1,000 students taking part in their programs.

Established in 2012, the Code2040 program has helped hundreds of black and Latinos to intern or become apprentices at companies like Apple, LinkedIn, Facebook and Jawbone, and aims to diversify the largely White and Asian dominated tech world.

Marco Islas
Marco Islas
Journalist with 15 years of experience covering the verge between culture, tech and business lives in the Mexico Silicon Valley witnessing his bloom.

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