CMO at Instacart Leaves Company
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CMO at Instacart Leaves Company

CMO at Instacart Leaves Company

Grocery delivery startup Instacart recently added about 70 new zip codes to its delivery chart in the Chicago area as part of its expansion program. The expanded service began on June 15th and is estimated to be delivering grocery to an additional 310,000 households and create at least 200 jobs.

“Chicago area residents have really embraced Instacart and we have been working hard to expand our delivery area to include even more homes. We are excited to announce these 70 new zip codes and look forward to serving even more people in search of the time-saving convenience that the service offers,” Dave Osborne, Instacart General Manager, said in a statement.

Amidst these expansion measures, it has been reported that Cheryl Law, the CMO of Instacart, is no longer a part of the team. Law joined Instacart in early 2017. Prior to that, she worked as CMO for Prosper.

With added existential threat and stiff competition from Amazon, after its acquisition of Whole Foods for $13.4 billion, Instacart now has to ensure that the company’s team consists of effective executives who can manage its complex system of logistics, operations, and growth.

Law’s exit is believed to be a step toward this objective. The company raised $400 million in March, at a valuation of $3.4 billion. Faced with such tough competition, the company has very little room for any shortcomings.

Amazon’s intention with the acquisition of Whole Foods is not yet clear. It is certain that Instacart is under a threat to stay relevant. Instacart will need to form strategic partnerships, expand its operations and reach, and get many more people to use its services so that the books will show significant progress.

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