Chief of Policy for Uber’s India and South Asia Locations Quits
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Chief of Policy for Uber’s India and South Asia Locations Quits

Chief of Policy for Ubers India and South Asia Locations Quits

Shweta Rajpal Kohli, Uber’s chief of policy for India and South Asia, has quit the company to join Salesforce, an cloud computing company. She will be joining the company next month. Kohli is a former Indian journalist who joined Uber last year. She was commissioned to set up Uber’s relationships with regulators and government officials in the Indian market where the company has faced several regulatory problems and reputation issues.

One source said Kohli “was leading government engagements in the influential circles, so her exit is a step back for Uber.” Uber nor Kohli responded to an email asking for comments.

There have been a series of well-known departures at Uber’s senior executive level this year. Kohli is the latest senior executive to quit Uber. The company’s European policy chief Christopher Burghardt quit in October to join another organization.

In India, Uber has faced a good number of issues in the capital city after one of its drivers raped a female passenger in 2014. Uber enlisted a law office this year to research how the firm figured out how to acquire the health records of the rape victim, an occurrence that prompted feedback on the way ethnicity is viewed at the U.S. firm. Uber declined to comment.

Uber has endured several turbulent months this year which have seen its previous CEO and co-founder Travis Kalanick essentially kicked out after a progression of meetings, debates, and boardroom fights.

Uber considers India to be its second biggest market after the United States. The ride hailing company operates in around 30 Indian urban areas and is in competition with Ola, a ride hailing service sponsored by Japan’s Softbank.

In support of the current situation in Delhi where the capital woke up to a haze that crossed the World Health Organization’s acceptable level of air quality 30 times over. The company said on Thursday said there would be no price surge and special fares would be available for pool rides.

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