Candi Castleberry Singleton Hired as VP of Inclusion and Diversity at Twitter
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Candi Castleberry Singleton Hired as VP of Inclusion and Diversity at Twitter

Candi Castleberry Singleton Hired as VP of Inclusion and Diversity at Twitter

Since Jeffrey Siminoff’s departure from Twitter in February, the billion-dollar company has ended their search for a new VP of Diversity and Inclusion with the addition of former Motorola VP of Diversity and Inclusion, Candi Castleberry-Singleton.

Twitter has been under fire recently due to the lack of women and people of color in its higher ranks, and with the hiring of Singleton, the company is on its way to what is expected to be a more diverse community.

Due to the demographics of Twitter users, reports from the Pew Research Center show, “28% of Internet users who are African American use Twitter and 28% who are Hispanic or Latino use Twitter, while 20% of Internet users who are white use it.”

The heightened discrepancy between the percentage of users depicts the need for a more inclusive workforce. According to the racial demographics of the social networking company, “9 out of 10 employees are white or Asian and about two-thirds are men, 4% are Latino or Hispanic, and 3% are African-American.”

From past roles with the same mission and goal, Castleberry-Singleton has shown a great deal of determination by asserting that any workplace should be respectful of diversity. Since her hiring, she states companies should go beyond “the illusion of inclusion.” “It’s the difference between mentorship and sponsorship — that means you have skin in the game. It takes a conscious personal commitment from everyone.”

Castleberry-Singleton is on a mission to improve the diversity of the Twitter workplace through reform and change, and it is only a matter of time until the ratio of genders and races become more equal.

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Mohammad Ali Sultani
Mohammad Ali Sultani
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