Ariella Lehrer Is New President of HitPoint Studios
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Ariella Lehrer Is New President of HitPoint Studios

Ariella Lehrer Is New President of HitPoint Studios

Work-for-hire game studio HitPoint Studios, which has started developing augmented reality games, has announced Ariella Lehrer, the founder of Legacy Games, will join the studio as its president. The move comes after a multi-year development partnership between HitPoint Studios and Legacy Games in which games like the BBC’s Jane Austen game, Crayola Color Blaster for Tango, BlastAR and Kody Kapow: Village Defender for iOS11 ARKit were co-developed.

“This studio is a diamond in the rough,” said Lehrer in an interview with GamesBeat. “I worked with many studios over the years, and HitPoint has exceeded my expectations every time. We know each other pretty well.”

Lehrer, who established Legacy Games in 1998 in Los Angeles, works in Hollywood and has been occupied with brands from Hollywood organizations. Her job role is to make an active product pipeline for HitPoint, while Legacy Games will continue with its evergreen diversion CD-ROM business and circulate its mobile games for iOS and Android.

“After more than two years working in AR, we’re just starting to scratch the surface of what will be possible with these new platforms,” said Paul Hake, CEO of HitPoint Studios. “As technologists we’re always striving to explore new ways to engage our audiences in meaningful ways. Ariella’s business- and product-savvy and overall vision for our industry positions HitPoint to become a leader in AR, a burgeoning ‘new frontier.’”

Lehrer said she was attracted to HitPoint’s technical mastery. The studio handles backend operations for three of the greatest mobile game publishers and also its own products. The team is now chipping away at its first ARCore game.

“It’s really remarkable when, after a rich and varied career building successful businesses in this industry, one can get reinvigorated and inspired by new technologies and the opportunities they present to reimagine play,” said Lehrer. “I believe that AR will be transformative, and I believe Paul and his team to be true vanguards in the areas of AR and cloud platforms.”

Kashish Ambekar
Kashish Ambekar
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