Alation Appoints First Chief Data Officer and Senior Vice President of Marketing
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Alation Appoints First Chief Data Officer and Senior Vice President of Marketing

Alation Inc

Data catalog company, Alation Inc., announced that Aaron Kalb – the Co-Founder of Alation, has been appointed as the company’s first Chief Data Officer. As the Chief Data Officer, Kalb will lead a team dedicated to watch over Alation’s data governance, self-service analytics, security, and compliance initiatives and ensure the proper use of data and data literacy initiatives.

In addition to this, Stephanie McReynolds has also been promoted to Senior Vice President of Marketing. McReynolds has been instrumental in bringing Alation’s customer stories to the market and helping the company become a recognized leader in the machine learning data catalog category.

“Alation’s vision is to empower a curious and rational world. My mandate is simple: to promote curiosity, rationality, data-driven decision-making, and data culture within Alation and around the world,” said Kalb. “I’m super excited to work with and learn from the incredible community of CDOs across our customer base, from Salesforce in San Francisco to Sainsbury’s in London, and advance our vision and values throughout many organizations.”

“Only a few years ago, the market was just beginning to understand what a data catalog is and how it could help them connect analytics with decision making. Now, enterprises around the world and in nearly every major industry vertical are crediting the Alation Data Catalog with increasing analytic productivity, driving agile stewardship and expanding access to analytics beyond the analytic specialist,” said McReynolds. “In conjunction with our customers, we’re learning that to reach the final mile of analytic value, applications, like data catalogs, are critical.”

“Aaron and Stephanie have both been instrumental in championing the data catalog category and the core tenets of a customer data culture. As we further our mission of changing the way people work with data, it’s critical that we continue to evolve our own organization as a center of industry best-practices for data culture,” said Satyen Sangani, CEO of Alation. “We’re looking forward to sharing Aaron and Stephanie’s hands-on experience with a broader audience, especially as developing data culture becomes critical to enterprises worldwide.”

Megha Shah
Megha Shah
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