IT Administrator at Faraday Future Accused of Sexual Harassment
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IT Administrator at Faraday Future Accused of Sexual Harassment

IT Administrator at Faraday Future Accused of Sexual Harassment

A former employee of Faraday Future has filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against an IT administrator who is currently working with the organization. The lawsuit is filed by Genesis Reyes who was working with the company as a security guard. Reyes claims that she was sexually harassed and cyberstalked by one of the company’s IT administrators, Josue Alejandro Sanchez. According to Reyes, the company did not take into consideration her multiple written and verbal reports about the alleged actions of its employee and the defendant, Sanchez, and stated that she was fired after raising her complaints.

In this lawsuit, Reyes has also named Faraday Future and her employer, G4S Secure Solutions, as the defendants. The case is scheduled to go to trial in December of 2018.

Reyes also argued that Faraday Future was more concerned about keeping the secrets of its electric car efforts intact then taking care of the safety of its employees. She further claimed that the security cameras around the booth where she worked were turned off, as it was the same location where the company tested the prototypes of its car, the FF91. Citing an incident when an employee lost control of one of the prototypes and ‘accelerated rapidly backwards’ into another car, and she was asked to not prepare an accident report of this incident.

“The pain of sexual harassment doesn’t end when the comments and touching are over,” said James Urbanic, who is representing Reyes, in an email to The Verge. “What kind of message does a company send when it fires a woman who has mustered up the courage to complain? The time has come to expose common corporate policies of ‘zero tolerance’ as empty promises. We are looking forward to exposing the real way Faraday and G4S does business.”

Reyes has made multiple allegations against Sanchez which took place between February and April, 2017. She alleged that across these three months Sanchez repeatedly approached her, often at night, and asked her for her personal information.

This lawsuit isn’t the only trouble the company is facing. Other than the lawsuit, there is a line-up of executives who have left the organization. In the last two months Faraday lost its CFO and CTO both, its supply chain manager and the director of the interior design and brand. Richard Kim, Vice President of Design and one of the founding executives of Faraday Future has resigned effective the 1st of December. Kim led the design for the company’s once promising FF91 electric car and opened the vehicle’s “UFO line” at CES 2017 earlier this year.

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