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7 Up-and-Coming Trends in HR Tech

7 Up-and-Coming Trends in HR Tech

Carrie Barth, a solutions consultant with Lockton Benefit Group, recently spoke at a conference sponsored by HR technology provider PlanSource in Park City, Utah. Because employers who have at least 1,000 employees spend $250,000 per year on a human resource management system (HRIS), Barth explained that employers need to know what technology is available so they can protect their monetary investment in existing products.

Based on Barth’s speech, Employee Benefit News (BenefitNews.com) put together a list of seven up-and-coming trends in HR tech that employers need to be aware of. Check out our infographic below:

For more, see the in-depth list at BenefitNews.com.

Danita Evangeline
Danita Evangeline
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