4 Collaboration Hacks for Making Teams More Efficient and Productive
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4 Collaboration Hacks for Making Teams More Efficient and Productive

4 Collaboration Hacks for Winning Teams

Innovation happens in real-time when teams are engaged around the clock, across time zones and geographic areas. Yet many companies find it hard to keep this up. Offices and cubicles still define the majority of workspaces. Employees work remotely, outside of business hours, without effective tools for flexible work.

Companies focused on efficiency and output need new ways to compete in an information intensive and interconnected world. Organizations around the world use Office 365 to attract top talent, collaborate with dispersed teams, and provide outstanding customer service.

“Office 365 amplifies our competitive strengths through a workplace transformation that empowers employees. Connected teamwork across 18 Asian markets drives efficiency and caring customer service. We’re looking forward to building more business based on these improvements,” said Sim Preston, Group Chief Operations Officer at AIA.

What really matters is the collaborative effort by teams within organizations to meet deadlines and innovate their processes. Four traits for successful companies for winning teams include a drive to get to the market first, fluid collaboration with partners and customers, a mobile-first commitment, and support for a global force.

“With our variety of Office 365 communication and collaboration methods, we fill some jobs in minutes versus days. We wouldn’t be nearly as competitive without tools like these,” said Nicole VanHaren, IT Director of Global Infrastructure at Kelly Services.

Companies can also move from an email-only culture to a more rapid, flexible communication system that includes instant messaging, social networks specifically made for work, video conferencing, and voice-to-voice calling. Innovation is often fostered with collaboration tools such as virtual meetings, file sharing, and co-authoring that connects internal and external teams around the world.

“When you work in international marketing you have to be fast, you need to get to market first with new ideas. We have improved our way of working by using Office 365 to simplify communications and collaboration. And even the time we need to bring a product from the first idea to market can potentially be reduced,” says Clemence Alberti, Junior Brand Manager for Body Care at Henkel.

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Kashish Ambekar
Kashish Ambekar
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