Over 30K Organizations Using Facebook’s Workplace, Launches Chat and Desktop Apps
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Over 30K Organizations Using Facebook’s Workplace, Launches Chat and Desktop Apps

Over 30K Organizations Using Facebooks Workplace Launches Chat and Desktop Apps

Workplace, an enterprise version of a social networking platform designed by Facebook, has taken a major leap by capturing close to 30,000 businesses in just a year. Workplace has launched its chat and desktop apps, and it’s all set to compete with apps like Slack, Atlassian and Microsoft. The version has now come out of beta testing mode and has been launched officially. The chat service is open to anyone who would like to use it.

The app, known as Workplace Chat, has been launched with new features such as group video chat, which will allow people to create virtual rooms of up to 50 people for interactive video conferences, and a desktop chat app through which users can send messages back and forth without the need to keep Facebook open in a browser. Users can access messaging features like screen and file sharing, video calling, and private and group messages.

Facebook also plans to add group video calling to the platform in coming months. Its mobile and desktop apps have redesigned interfaces to make the functionality similar to Facebook’s flagship social networking app. The idea is that employees across all levels in different organizations will find Workplace easy to use. In an effort to simplify the interface and maintain consistency, Facebook has also updated the overall design of Workplace across Android, iOS, desktop and web.

While Julien Codorniou, vice president of Workplace, shows complete faith in the product, he didn’t reveal any plans about how the app would generate revenues through advertising on the app.

“We want to build Workplace like we built Facebook,” Codorniou said. “We [first] put everyone on the same network and connect them. … When that happens, it goes from communication to automation.” Some of this, it seems, may already be happening on Workplace in smaller cases. Food delivery company Deliveroo has been using the platform to help check in visitors using Envoy, and when someone signs in, the person they are coming in to see gets an automatic ping.

The cost of Workplace premium is $3 per month per user for the first 1,000 active users, $2 per month per user for the next 9,000 users and $1 per month per user for every additional user.

Tanuja Thombre
Tanuja Thombre
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