Tech App Solution Bank Shot Expands Its White Label Capabilities
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Tech App Solution Bank Shot Expands Its White Label Capabilities

Tech App Solution Bank Shot Expands Its White Label Capabilities

PRESS RELEASE — ATLANTA, GEORGIA — Technology leader Bank Shot, the preeminent earnest money, and payment solution app currently in the market, today announced that they have expanded the process for its white label option, ideal for companies searching for a competitive edge. Most of the largest US banking institutions currently utilize Bank Shot.

Bank Shot [] has become the preferred mobile app available for iPhone and Android, and due to its speed and functionality, it enables users to seamlessly process real estate transactions such as earnest money deposits, rental house deposits, and real estate commissions.

Bank Shot now features its white label solution with the integration of its patent-pending technology into a company’s existing platform. The app can be branded as an internal transaction solution. The process is encrypted, two-factor authenticated and is housed on the Amazon Cloud, conforming to the highest cyber-secure protocols. Accepted electronic checks are run through Deluxe to confirm Check 21 standards. Transactions can be tracked, status reports accessed, and all check images are deleted from the app and never stored, essential components in today’s world.

Glenn Drake and Bernardine Drake, 30-year real estate veterans, are the husband and wife co-founders and developers for this revolutionary technology, which is changing the real estate and title company industries with its patent-pending mobile solutions.

“Our app addresses a pain point for title companies, banks, brokerages, and property owners and managers,” says Glenn Drake. “Bank Shot is an easy to use tool to transmit checks from anywhere, and now with the white label option, we can integrate our technology into most platforms, providing a competitive edge for our customers and corporate partners. We’re excited to be experiencing significant interest throughout North America, especially with our expanded white-label capabilities.”

The cost of a Bank Shot transaction is nominal, and less than one-tenth of the cost of a wire transfer and significantly less than the cost of a money order or delivery service, especially pertinent with widespread wire fraud these days. It also alleviates the inconvenience and cost of transporting a check to an office.

Unlike its competitors, the Bank Shot app was developed to enhance compliance and is the only mobile earnest money and payment solution enabling multiple deposits to separate banks. With its patent-pending portal to enable full control of the transaction, it serves as a gateway to review and then hold, reject or deposit the check. Confirmation of the transaction is immediate. The funds are reflected in the account within 24 hours, another attractive feature for the company and customer.

“It’s a great solution for the real estate industry,” says Bernardine Drake. “Bank Shot is not an Automatic Clearing House (ACH) transaction. All parties have an exact date and time stamp of when the check is delivered and deposited, a tracking and compliance component important in a licensed industry.”

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