Startup Typeform Raises $35 Million to Grow Platform
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Startup Typeform Raises $35 Million to Grow Platform

Startup Typeform Raises $35 Million to Grow Platform

With the help of funding from General Atlantic and other participants, including Index Ventures, Point Nine, and Connect Ventures, the popular online survey platform Typeform has raised $35 million in a series B round of funding.

Typeform was created in Barcelona, Spain in 2012. It is a platform intended to create a “conversational approach to data collection,” according to the company. Essentially, Typeform is a cross-platform app that lets its users create surveys and other kinds of forms that are simple, user-friendly, and easy on the eye. The software is also available for mobile-first, touchscreen-oriented users, with surveys presented in a format that is easy to follow.

Typeform’s marketing strategy is to start with a basic free plan that limits the number of responses and fields on a given form. After users sign up for a monthly subscription, they can unlock unlimited fields and responses, as well as additional features.

“We are proud to be the first company to transform the online data collection space by creating conversational forms,” by Typeform co-CEO and co-founder Robert Muñoz. “But now we’d like to take things further. Our partnership with General Atlantic will enable us to continue to bring world-class technology to our customers while further empowering our community of developers by bridging the gap between data collection and customer interaction.”

Typeform’s developer has also announced a new developer portal that serves as an expansion to Typeform’s existing developer platform. The expansion will be helpful for companies who wish to use Typeform in combination with other products. For instance, Typeform is creating a new email marketing service MailChimp that will allow companies to collect email lists from a Typeform survey. The good news is that you can also create “more intuitive, custom-made survey forms than ever before,” the company said.

“Digital forms are transitioning from a simple data-collection tool into an integral part of the customer engagement journey,” said General Atlantic growth investor Chris Caulkin, who will now also join Typeform’s board of directors. “With its developer-targeted go-to-market strategy and versatile, highly customizable product, we believe there is a significant opportunity for Typeform to continue to grow.”

Until now, Typeform has raised over $52 million from its investors.

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