Spot.IM Raises $25 Million So You Can Make Better Comments
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Spot.IM Raises $25 Million So You Can Make Better Comments

Spot.IM Raises 25 Million So You Can Make Better Comments

Spot.IM has raised $25 Million to help publishers to increase ad revenue through a more engaged audience. Among the investors in this Series C round are Russian billionaire, Roman Abramovich, alongside Altair VC and Norma Investments.

Together with its comments platform, Spot.IM has another product to offer social engagement solutions for publishers, like community and comments administration. Among their clients are Times Inc., Meredith Group, Oath, Engadget, Fox News and Sky Sports.

The Spot.IM CEO, Nadav Shoval, said recently in a public statement about the release of a Software Development Kit (SDK), that the company will continue to create solutions that enable publishers to monetize their social engagement.

“Audiences today only visit publisher sites for a few seconds before escaping to Facebook to discuss the content, and this is a huge challenge for publishers. We’re committed to solving this problem by building communities to keep users engaged on publisher sites. Our native SDK now extends the community functionality to mobile apps and we’re thrilled to release it for all publishers to enjoy and users to experience,” stated Mr. Shoval.

Founded in 2012, Spot.IM aims to seize the potential of a market estimated one trillion unique page views, giving the publishers a set of tools for them to maintain the users on their sites with community capabilities equal of a social network.

“In a few years, Spot.IM has quickly developed a strong reputation among top-tier publishers (…) for providing them with tools to increase and monetize engagement,” said Jeff Horing, co-founder and Managing Director at Insight Venture Partners to GlobeNewswire. “What Nadav and the team have built is very impressive, and we’re excited to work together to build a media-centric ecosystem.”

Spot.IM will use the new funds to finance their global expansion, as well as Research & Development, and increase their teams and offices in New York City and Tel Aviv.

Marco Islas
Marco Islas
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