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Rasa Receives $13 Million in Series A Funding


Open source company Rasa announced that it has completed a $13 million Series A fundraising round.

The fundraising round led by Accel, and witnessed participation from existing investor Basis Set Ventures as well as leading angel investors and entrepreneurs across AI, enterprise automation and open source, such as Greg Brockman (Co-founder & CTO OpenAI), Daniel Dines (Founder & CEO UiPath) and Mitchell Hashimoto (Co-founder & CTO Hashicorp).

This $13 Million investment brings Rasa’s total funds raised to $14 Million. The fresh capital will be used to move the headquarters to San Francisco, expanding the team and fuel further growth, research and development.

Rasa enables developers to build contextual AI assistants. It was founded to provide developers with the machine learning tools necessary to build great AI assistants, regardless of team size, with no additional expertise required, and while still allowing companies to control automation.

Rasa has two main products – the Rasa Stack is a framework for automating conversations and has been downloaded over 500,000 times across all industries. The Rasa Platform, on the other hand, is targeted at enterprises to help run the Rasa Stack at scale.

“Rasa is building the standard infrastructure layer for conversational AI, that allows all developers to create the best text and voice-based AI assistants,” said Alex Weidauer, CEO and Co-Founder of Rasa. “Our tremendous growth in our open source community shows the appetite of developers for our tools across industries and use cases.”

“Automation is the next battleground for the enterprise, and while this is a very difficult space to win, especially for unstructured information like text and voice, we are confident Rasa has what it takes given their impressive adoption by developers,” said Andrei Brasoveanu, Partner at Accel. “Existing solutions don’t let in-house developer teams control their own automation destiny. Rasa is applying commercial open source software solutions for AI environments similar to what open source leaders such as Cloudera, Mulesoft, and Hashicorp have done for others.”

Megha Shah
Megha Shah
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