Modsy Raises $23 Million in Series B Funding
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Modsy Raises $23 Million in Series B Funding

Modsy Raises 23 Million in Series B Funding

Modsy, a design startup, provides 3-D mapping and augmented reality technology that allows clients to generate digital home structures. The customer can picture several types of furniture virtually around their homes. To continue helping their customers, they have raised $23 million in a series B round of funding from Advance Venture Partners (AVP), Comcast Ventures, NBCUniversal Cable Entertainment, and Norwest Venture Partners.

The app is considered one of the newcomers and has capabilities to change the design world. Also, this summer, Hutch declared a $10 million funding round directed by real-estate website Zillow.
Modsy, based in San Francisco since 2015, will give you the opportunity to take some photos of the precise space you wanted to refurbish. The next step is to upload these photos and reply to a few style-focused questions. Modsy will create the picture of your dreams. The results will blow your mind with 360-degree room interpretations highlighting furniture from more than 100 retailers, and you will also get the option to buy these products directly from these designs.

The company has already received funding of about $10 million to develop its trade and media partnerships, along with advancing its product development.

“Thanks to advancements in 3D renderings, the days of guessing how furniture and decor will look inside a space are long gone,” cited Modsy CEO and founder, Shanna Tellerman. “This round of funding indicates that the industry is at a tipping point, and Modsy is leading the charge by taking a technology-first approach to transforming the home design market.”

Modsy bids two essential rating levels. For new customers to Modsy, you will get the information of the basic Modsy package, at a cost of $69 and the features mentioned above, including two custom designs. But if you want Modsy & Style Advisor, than you would expect some additional incentives, together with one-on-one access to a human style adviser over video chat or telephone.

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