LinkedIn Founder Pushing Money to Groups to Stunt Trump’s Agenda
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LinkedIn Founder Pushing Money to Groups to Stunt Trump’s Agenda

LinkedIn Founder Pushing Money to Groups to Stunt Trump’s Agenda

The founder of famous job networking website LinkedIn has announced plans to curtail the Trump administration by making $100 million in donations to different liberal causes and candidates throughout the United States. He says the move his responsibility as a wealthy American.

“I got past my dismay in November and in December started thinking about my responsibility as a citizen,” LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman told Recode. “I tend to think when you’ve been lucky and fortunate enough to make some money, you have a position of power, it’s like Spider-Man ethics — with power comes responsibility.”

Hoffman launched “Trumped Up Cards” in the fall of 2016. The card game was designed to highlight the apparent absurdity of President Donald Trump’s campaign rhetoric and marked the start of Hoffman’s crusade against Trump. The LinkedIn founder, who is reportedly worth approximately $3 billion, is using all of his resources to usher in a resurgence of progressivism in Washington, which has earned him comparisons to the Koch brothers. It’s a comparison that Hoffman reportedly balks at.

“I’ve seen him spend a huge amount of his mental cycles and time on politically related activities, from helping start new groups to [backing] candidates … and really trying to be thoughtful about how he can contribute to the resistance,” Sam Altman, president of Y Combinator, told Recode. “A lot of people are talking about this, but they haven’t been allocating their time and money in the way [Hoffman] has.”

Hoffman has spent approximately $76,000 on federal-level races since January of this year, making the maximum allowed contribution to six liberal senators, including North Dakota’s Heidi Heitkamp, Missouri’s Claire McCaskill and Pennsylvania’s Bob Casey. He has not totally excluded Republicans in his 2017 campaign contributions, however, donating $10,000 to several Massachusetts Republicans.

Hoffman has spent millions to influence state and federal elections in Virginia this year to use the state as a guinea pig and test the viability of different political campaign approaches. Hoffman also recently donated $50,000 to Win Virginia, a political action committee run by former Congressman Tom Perriello. He has also contributed a combined $1.4 million to both and Democracy Works, which are dedicated to increasing overall voter turnout.

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