Kickstarter Gives Drip a Reboot
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Kickstarter Gives Drip a Reboot

Kickstarter Gives Drip a Reboot

Kickstarter aims accomplish something other than funding ventures. The crowdfunding organization launched a platform called Drip on Wednesday, through which artists, craftsmen, and different creators can request recurring donations instead of one-time commitments. If that that model sounds recognizable, it’s most likely because Drip is Kickstarter’s bid for an adaptation of Patreon, the rising startup that set itself apart from other crowdfunding platforms with its long-term membership format.

“It’s a total rebuild,” said Kickstarter co-founder and Chairman Perry Chen. “Kickstarter’s very project-based funding, and this is really about people-based funding.”

Drip has been at a low position in the membership crowdfunding space for most of 10 years. Kickstarter acquired Drip in 2014, when it was nearly closing down. Presently, Kickstarter has refashioned Drip to serve web makers of all stripes with another suite of devices intended to help with the business side of running an inventive venture. The organization gives makers a founding membership period, during which they can offer supporters benefits to develop a fan base.

“Going forward, they can kind of continue that relationship with their founding members if they want,” Chen said. “You can decide if you want special things that are just for them. We don’t want anybody to continue to use our tools because they don’t know how to stop or they don’t know how to move out. We’re a platform, we’re a tool, but those are your relationships.”

Like Patreon founder and CEO Jack Conte, Chen founded Kickstarter based on his own experience as a craftsman. He says that this outlook still governs the organization’s choices today.

“We’re trying to focus on a broader group of creators who maybe haven’t yet learned about these tools or haven’t yet had these ongoing funding tools resonate with them for whatever reasons,” Chen said. “[Drip] can be kind of like a bridge for those creators to see this as something that’s an effective tool for them.”

Kashish Ambekar
Kashish Ambekar
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