Integrate Raises $8 Million for Marketing Software
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Integrate Raises $8 Million for Marketing Software

Integrate Raises $8 Million for Marketing Software

Integrate landed $8 million in equity funds to expand its sales and business development as well as to grow its teams in the product and engineering departments. The company’s goal is to boost demand generation at the top of the funnel.

This $8 million raised in a Series D round came from new investor Iron Gate Capital. Other participants included heads of marketing technology companies including, ExacTarget’s founder and CEO Scott Dorsey, Virtue’s founder Reggie Bradford, and former CEO of Efficient Frontier, David Karnstedt.

Other funds came from existing investors The Foundry Group and Forte Ventures, according to the Denver Business Journal. “When we talk about automating the top of the funnel, we’re saying let’s go across the ad tech stack and centralize all of these data points for B2B marketers,” CEO Jeremy Bloom said to

Integrate is exploding with opportunities from a niche between the so called “mar tech” world, and the business to business (B2B) frenzy known as account-based marketing (ABM). Thanks to that Integrate could raise funds even in the “mar tech” category if we saw a 29% investment decline at the start of the year, according to MarTech

Integrate said it is cash flow positive and aims to triple its revenue in the next 12 months. According to TechCrunch, the company has rejected potential buyers from market and enterprise. “It is helpful not to have that internal pressure to sell,” said Bloom.

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