Culture Amp Raises $20 Million to Ensure Companies Focus on Workplace Culture
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Culture Amp Raises $20 Million to Ensure Companies Focus on Workplace Culture

Culture Amp Raises $20 Million to Ensure Companies Focus on Workplace Culture

Culture Amp, the leading provider of employee feedback management systems, has completed another round of funding with Sapphire Ventures. This time, the amount raised sings to the tune of $20 million.

This round of Series C funding had participation from previous investors including: Index Ventures, Felicis Ventures, and Blackbird Ventures. Over and above the funding, the news that Culture Amp will have a new board member, Kevin Diestel, principal at Sapphire Ventures, was also revealed.

The employee feedback platform by Culture Amp brings about a revolutionary change in the concept of people analytics through research activities led by the industry and an ever-expanding community.

The funds raised will be used for expansion of Culture Amp‘s team across global offices with strategic offices set up in Melbourne, San Francisco, New York and London. Their focus on people analytics and employee feedback is the core focus, aiming to help organizations globally collect, comprehend, and take action on the feedback received from employees. The efforts of Culture Amp is headed by a strong 40,000 member community called People Geek.

According to Diestel, employees are the richest asset in any organization and to get their opinions and feedback is a critical aspect for an organization’s success. With this platform, Culture Amp ensures the culture in an organization is given the highest priority and that is where their employee feedback platform plays a crucial role.

The platform was developed by a team of psychologists and data scientists and it enables companies to easily capture insights from employee feedback and analyze the data to make informed decisions.

At the moment, Culture Amp has a clientele of over 1000 organizations using this platform including: Airbnb, Slack, Adobe, Estee Lauder, Warby Parker and Lyft among others.

“We owe our growth to incredible advocacy from our customers, as illustrated by our exceptional Net Promoter Score, which has remained above 65 since we started collecting this feedback,” said Culture Amp CEO, Didier Elzinga.

The best part of Culture Amp is that in this journey they have always focused on culture beyond anything else.

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