Critical Stack Beta from Capital One Launches in Beta
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Critical Stack Beta from Capital One Launches in Beta

Critical Stack Beta from Capital One Launches in Beta

Capital One Financial Corp., announced the beta release of Critical Stack, a container organization stage intended to embrace containerized infrastructure at scale in the cloud. The use of containers and microservices is rising as more associations become aware of it, and the speed and cost investment funds advances. For big moves, particularly those in exceedingly regulated businesses, security and compliance is vital. Critical Stack is intended to help businesses completely robotize compliance and security controls, and allow streamlined setup of applications in the cloud.

“We are really moving things toward a declarative approach,” says Liam Randall, co-founder of Critical Stack. “Our general UI philosophy is: Easy things should be obvious and hard things should be possible. A declarative [command] just defines the end state. What we’ve done with Critical Stack is taken this powerful declarative model that Google’s Kubernetes supports, and we’ve extended it to support security as code as well. So not only can you define your application’s operational parameters, you can also slot in your security and network policies for execution, too.”

Critical Stack is an independent container coordination platform that works well with open source container administration frameworks like Google’s Kubernetes. As the principal U.S. bank to move its operations to the cloud, Capital One has embraced a cloud-first way to deal with programming improvement, and they’ve institutionalized RESTful APIs, microservices, and containerization.

“What Critical Stack means to the enterprise is that the application is the first-class citizen,” said Dustin Webber, co-founder and CTO of Critical Stack. “Critical Stack is designed to empower developers to spend less time setting up and operating container infrastructure and more time solving the hard problems that really matter.”

“Capital One is a founder-led company and is the type of bank that a technology company would build,” explained Randall. “Capital One also provides technology with three (Capital One Mobile, Wallet, and CreditWise) of the top 50 personal finance apps on Apple’s App Store. This is a natural extension of the progression in banking.”

Kashish Ambekar
Kashish Ambekar
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