CapHorn to Invest in B2B Startups after $150 Million Fundraising Round
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CapHorn to Invest in B2B Startups after $150 Million Fundraising Round

CapHorn to Invest in B2B Startups after 150 Million Fundraising Round

Venture capital firm CapHorn Invest recently completed a new round of fundraising. This round saw an investment of $150 million to a fund. This fund is backed by about 250 CEOs and executives from established companies, along with the firm’s limited partners.

This was CapHorn Invest’s second fundraising round. The firm plans to focus on its series A rounds, which would bring in $600,000 to $6 million.

Through this fund, the venture capital firm is focusing on B2B companies aiming on disrupting old industries. Each partner at the firm has been assigned one vertical in particular, thus streamlining the guidance and efforts. CapHorn Invest is also looking at companies that can sign deals with its limited partners. As long as it’s a double opt-in model, it could help startups find new clients.

To date, CapHorn Invest has invested in around 10 startups with this fund. These startups include Critizr, Finalcad, Simplifield, Ledger, Fidzup, and Brand & Celebrities.

The firm has also used this opportunity to hire Philippe Finkelstein as CapHorn Invest’s venture partner in New York. Philippe will be focusing on helping portfolio companies successfully launch in the United States and open new offices in New York. Prior to joining CapHorn, Philippe was CEO at Altavia and founder of Cross Border Network. He was also a limited partner in CapHorn Invest before joining the team.

The company’s current limited partners include Econocom France Vice President Véronique Di Benedetto, Chantal Baudron, SFR board member Bernard Attali, former Truffaut CEO Bruno Lanthier, former Danone COO Jacques Vincent and Qosmos CEO Thibaut Bechetoille.

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Megha Shah
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