Best Payment Platforms Small Businesses Should Have

By TechFunnel Contributors - Last Updated on August 21, 2020
Why SMBs Should Consider Using Mobile Payment Technology

Accepting and processing payments are the most fundamental and basic things that each business does, regardless of the size. If you do not have a proper tool or platform to monitor all these processes, your company is definitely going to hit a bump in the long run.

There are a host of options out there for companies to easily organize and execute their payments, but some of these platforms may not be suitable for you as they are only available in other countries, or they may be extremely tedious and troublesome to use.

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Here are the Top 7 Platforms that are worth Considering as well.

  • Due

    As an all-in-one payment platform, Due is slowly increasing in popularity as many businesses scramble to make the change to this user-friendly platform. With a low transaction flat-rate fee of just 2.8 percent for any credit card procession, you will not have to worry about the negligible fee that comes with each transaction.

    Though some platforms only accommodate local credit card processing, Due provides international credit card processing as well. On top of that, they also support ACH payment processing, as well as Stripe and PayPal integration. Furthermore, the platform is an end-to-end payment solution, as it is equipped with many useful tools like invoicing, online estimates, time tracking, and the ability to manage the database easily.


    A highly sought-after payment gateway provider, it collaborates with your existing merchant account so you can process electronic checks, credit cards, and digital payments involving Apple Pay and PayPal through your website directly. The absence of a third-party site also makes the platform much more reliable and trustworthy.

    If you are willing to upgrade your account and pay the additional fees, you will also have access to their wide range of tools to make your processes much easier. These features include a host of fraud prevention and high-security tools, automated recurring billing as well as being able to sync with Quickbooks to make your whole life a lot easier. On top of that, there is also a relatively low transaction fee of 2.9 percent plus an additional $0.30 per transaction.

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  • Square

    With their unique innovative mobile card reader, you are now able to accept payments anywhere and at any time, by transforming your very own mobile device into an entire POS system. You will not have to worry about cybersecurity infringements as they offer fraud protection, as well as other neat features like deposits on demand.

    You will also be on top of your transactions as Square allows you to easily create your own customized register, and give out receipts and invoices. Furthermore, you can track your inventory, access your sales reports, and oversee your timesheets. Though the mobile card reader is absolutely free of charge, they charge a relatively higher transaction fee of 2.75 percent for each swipe of a credit card.

  • 2Checkout

    Perfect for businesses that deal with international businesses, 2Checkout supports worldwide payments and offers a credible gateway in 15 languages and 87 currencies.

    With the host of tools that it provides like recurring bulling, fraud protection, and hosted checkouts, they also work well with many in-demand online shopping cards. They accept all major credit cards and support PayPal, bank, and wire transactions.

    Though they charge a 2.9 percent plus $0.30 transaction fee per swipe, the set-up fee is free with the absence of any monthly fees as well.

  • Amazon Payments

    With an extremely user-friendly interface, many small businesses flock to this platform due to its credibility and hassle-free usage. Because they integrate your existing website into the system, customers can immediately pay for the goods and services without an external third party, doubling up on the safety of the platform as well.

    Since customers are able to store their information on Amazon Payments, it makes it extremely easy for customers to make payments. Despite the extensive features to enable customers and businesses to make fuss-free transactions, they charge a 2.9 percent transaction fee for domestic processing.


    With the ability to accept payments both online and offline, Shopify makes for one of the most idyllic payment platforms on the market. With a host of management tools including the option to track your inventory as well as analyze your sales data, Shopify allows you to oversee your sales easily.

    You can also create a customizable online store to make straightforward and easy transactions, as well as integrate your shipping services and a carrier like Amazon and Quickbooks. Similar to Square, they also provide a free card reader to accept payments on-the-go.

  • WePay

    WePay allows you to customize your processor such that it fits the look and the brand of your company. Though you may think that this feature is obsolete, this makes for an extension of your company and reflects your unique branding.

    You can even customize the documents that customers receive, such as confirmation emails, customer support emails, mobile translation statements, credit card statements as well as checkout forms, to fully integrate your brand into the payment processing as well. They provide a mobile chip card reader for easy access to make payments and an additional mobile app for you to manage your transitions and oversee your sales.


If you find yourself struggling to manage your invoices, and face many issues with declined credit cards as well as a tedious payment process for your customers, chances are that your sales are definitely not at its fullest potential.

By switching to one of these all-in-one payment processing platforms, it gives you the ease of mind of seamless user experience, as well as the ability to oversee and monitor your payments and transitions.

With the host of features that each platform has, you should do your research and choose the platform that suits your needs the most. Bid farewell to messy invoices and troublesome transaction processes and say hello to secure and hassle-free payments today!

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