Agent IQ Raises $6.3 Million to Enhance Customer-to-Brand Conversations 
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Agent IQ Raises $6.3 Million to Enhance Customer-to-Brand Conversations 

Agent IQ, a San Francisco, CA-based supplier of an AI-fueled customer support platform, raised $6.3m in series A funding. The round was driven by Sierra Ventures, with interest from CRCM Ventures and Rubicon Ventures. In conjunction with the financing, Tim Guleri from Sierra Ventures will likewise be joining Agent IQ’s board. The organization plans to utilize the assets to extend its group and scale its platform.

Agent IQ has its underlying foundations in a Nike promoting program, which enabled clients to speak with a bot by typing “Hello Nike” into their talk application. CEO and founder, Craig Davis, says they started expanding on that early program, and they discovered that using only the bot or only a specialist didn’t generally work for some clients. Some required an experience that mixed technology with people.

“We thought it was important to help the agent, suggesting responses based on past conversations and based what they picked up on new knowledge,” Davis explained.  “Let’s talk about AI piece. They have years of technical debt and their technology is overlaid on their customer service management platform. They don’t get seamless handoff and don’t get that closed loop AI learning [that we provide],” Davis claimed.

He found this by going to innumerable client service centers; the frustration wasn’t only for the clients. Reps were exhausted noting a similar fundamental inquiry over and again, which wasn’t fun or challenging for them. Furthermore, when they needed to answer a one-of-a-kind inquiry, it required getting to an assortment of different frameworks. The operators needed to have various windows open attempting to juggle diverse substance vaults to locate the suitable response.

He’s additionally rivalling new businesses offering a comparative incentive like Digital Genius. The organization right now has 20 representatives and 14 clients, all of which Davis says are Fortune 1000 clients paying $500,000 a year. He says the organization intends to develop the business side and to work out client achievement groups utilizing the new funds.

The Agent IQ AI motor handles the dreary and everyday Q&A and work processes, so customer care representatives can be allowed to center around taking care of higher esteem client connections.

Likewise, equipped with AI-proposed reactions and progressively introduced learning base articles, operators can accomplish more. Operators turn out to be quicker, better, and more precise issue solvers.

Kashish Ambekar
Kashish Ambekar
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